Hosteller’s Dorm Checklist

Hi Everybody,

Hostel life is fun and exciting.It is a great way to travel and meet so many people from so many parts of the world on cool budget.

When you bunk with others you are sharing your space with others and hence it is important that you travel mindfully:)

As travellers if hostel is your choice of accommodation then we have an easy checklist for you to note.This will help you organise better.

We guarantee, all the items will fit in a pouch.


Make space for them in your Backpacks!!!

Ear Phones:

While some hostels may have superb wi-fi for you to enjoy a video or music, it doesn’t mean that we play our media out loud.Hence ear plugs becomes a very essential accessory to carry.



Ear Plugs:

There is a constant movement in the hostel dorms.Some Travellers may be checking-out early morning when you have your snooze button on or for that matter checking in-late night.Some may be early birds, some night owls, some may bunk in pairs or group.Whatever the case may be if you want your peace and quite,dont forget to pack your ear plugs.


Eye Mask/Blindfolds:

Block out the light,sleep anytime of the day based on your travel schedule peacefully and without getting irritated:)



Very few hostels are rich enough to give you luxury of Toiletries.Please make a list of toiletries you can’t live without and carry them with you.Some crucial ones being Shampoo,Soap,Lotion,Toothpaste,Toothbrush,etc.

Toilet Paper:

Travellers from the west, if you travel in to east you will find jet sprays as a replacement for toilet papers and hence, many hostels don’t worry about stacking them in the toilets.This may be a surprise for you, hence carry a roll of toilet paper if you are used to it.


While some hostels may give in the linen, some on rent and some on sale,It’s always better to have a petit one of your own for hygiene and comfort.



Pad locks:

As hostellers it is good to invest in a small pad lock .Your padlock code won’t be known to the world, no one will have a duplicate key for it.You can be assured of the safety of your belongings in the lockers you choose.


Baggage Tag:

As hostellers most often you will use luggage rooms of the hostels to store your baggage.A baggage tag always is a good idea and helps you recognise your backpack quickly.




Mini Torch/Head Torch:

You got to reach the loo in the night and don’t want to disturb others??keep a mini torch/flashlight with you.This also comes in handy if you don’t have a reading light on your bedside(even better buy a head torch).In case you are checking out early or checking in late, perfect for you to get a tag of gentleman/lady-caring,smart!!!

Water Bottle:

Most hostels have water filters with purifiers, instead of buying bottles of water all the time, let’s invest in a durable bottle and top it up whenever it’s empty.



Hope you had fun reading this and pinning them down for your next hostel travels.

What else should one pack while sharing a dorm?Feel free to list down on our comments section..


Gypsy Child Hostels


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