The New Normal

Hi All,

2020 has been a very challenging year so far and we have already slipped in to July, just like that…whoah!! First six months have been tough but as a race we have held strong. Hopefully we will be travelling very soon for leisure and so we thought why not put a checklist in place for all our lovely backpackers. The new Normal “Things to Carry and Do” so we can travel safely and are equipped well:)


It’s a no brainer that we have to wear masks at all times while travelling but investing on few good ones is the key. For e.g.. WHO says to safeguard yourself, if you are using a fabric mask make sure it has three layers. Investigating a bit on masks before making a purchase is a good idea and even more important is how to wear and remove them.

We think every traveller must have at least two at all times. If it is fabric, wash one after use in soap and water at least once in a day. Also even more important is it’s storage.Keep a clean Zip Pouch handy in your bag and pull it out each time you want to store your mask safely and for the safety of others. Also, in your bunk you may want to remove it before sleeping and put it in this Zip Pouch.

If you are a mindful traveller, you may want to cover the sustainability angel too while being protected which we think is awesome. There are many Indian brands that are now producing masks, do your research and make a wise purchase.


Don’t leave without a bottle of alcohol based sanitiser and apply it religiously on your hands for 20-30 secs each time. Use them before and after using your masks and gloves too. First thing you do when you expose your hand is to always sanitise.Sanitising is the new handshake and handshakes are postponed.


As a backpacker you will end up using local transport, public toilets, lots of door handles and will press loads of buttons hence, if you have a good pair of gloves, you are safeguarding yourself. Now again, we recommend carrying more than one …there are some biodegradable options available to do your bit for Mother Earth. Keep a pair for using in public and one for your hostel indoors. You can always leave this pair of gloves indoors in a separate Zip Pouch. Also pack a little extra for your travel, depending upon the material and days of your travel.

Disinfectant Spray:

Spray on the seat of your train, flight or bus. Spray it before anything you use that’s for public consumption, like door handles, buttons, vending machines , taps, toilet seats, cab seats etc and this way you travel with peace of mind. Also spray it on your luggage once you reach the hostel and before entering the premises, for your safety and others.

Backpack Cover:

A great idea will be to have your backpack covered at all times so your zip and locks are safe. Once you deboard and get hold of your bag spray the disinfectant on your cover and safeguard it.

Travel Sheet:

Hostels and Inns are doing their best to provide you with fresh and laundered linen, but if you are a bit sceptical at the moment, there is no harm in carrying a Travel Sheet (also called a Sleeping Bag Liner) that is lightweight and is used as Sleep Sack sheet, it’s a breathable, thin sheet that you can carry and will fit easily in a small packet


If you carry sunglasses , chances are you won’t rub your eyes and that becomes a safety net. Again sanitise your hand before removing and wearing them.

Travel Clothes:

While choosing your clothes for travel preferably keep long sleeves shirts ,trousers ,full sleeves dress or jacket ,keep a cap or a hat and also covered shoes with fresh pair of socks so that ways you are always covered up and packed like a Pea in a Pod:)

First Aid Kit:

Travelling with a medical kit is anyways recommended, more so now, keep a small kit with a thermometer, antiseptic liquid, cotton, band-aid, vitamin C tablets, wet wipes and may be, also cold and flu medicine. Though most of the hostels will have all this at their reception and you will find medical stores, but times are very different now. We really have to focus on self care and be self-reliant.

Immunity Kit:

There are some Ayurvedic items you can keep.Your Grandma/pa can help you fix this..For e.g.: Herbal Tea Bags, Clove ,Ginger or Turmeric. Best part is that you can just heat some water and add a pinch and have it twice a day:) These are just healthy supplements, of course, please check with your Ayurvedic doctor. You have to take these based on your body’s constitution.

Safety and Hygiene, in our opinion is always an integral part of travelling, and getting sick is never a good thing, more so while travelling ,but if proper care is taken you can enjoy our Holiday in peace and be the New Cool backpacker in town:)

So what do you think? Will you be travelling soon, all geared up?

See you soon.


Gypsy Child Hostel Team


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Travel Style Word Porn

“Travel Style Words” can make it all so easy to describe your typical style and pattern as a traveller.Someone who never misses a chance on travelling is anyways hardcore,but when you fit in to a word, it defines you.It allows others to understand who you really are.We have jotted some words and we are sure some of you can relate…


Let’s start with #Five to Niners:

Those who leave the city very very often on weekends to explore and have mostly a week long work profile!!!




One who carries a backpack,is carefree,tight on budgets really, and prefers usually longer duration of travels.A true blooded traveller.Ready for adventures and experiences as much within budgets.Ready to walk or take public transport.Prefers living in Hostels and meeting new people.Can do very long journeys without being grumpy.Takes each day as it comes.Roughs it out but with total pleasure and for pure passion.




As the name suggests they love to backpack too,but they have better travel budgets, mostly on good income, have latest gadgets and stay in usually nicer,hipper hostels and they love meeting fellow travellers for sure.




When someone says I ‘m gonna Snap-pack,it means he or she is either a Backpacker or Flashpacker but is on short duration of travel.They stay in nice hostels or places on budget.



A ecofriendly conscious backpacker.


Surfers who score a couch and stay for free.




Someone who travels on foot only.



Someone who makes a slow journey especially in the mountains on foot.Lives with the locals or pitches his/her tent.This journey is not easy most times.It’s an adventure.


#Adventure Campers:

Seeks adventures during the day,may be like trekking or mountain biking and pitches a tent in the night or bunks in a camper.


#Grey Nomads:

Grey haired seasoned traveller with a never ending urge to travel for very long duration of time in a RV mostly or anything comfy and affordable.



What do you think?

Who are you as a traveller or are you a mix?

Write in the comments and share your Travel Style.

Hugs from

Gypsy Child Hostels


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Hostel your finishing school:)

Staying in plenty of hostels around the world and having gathered so many cool, fun,funny,crazy and weird experiences,we look at the brighter side of life and all we can say is that after staying in hostels, we have become better people..almost angel like really!!!

You need no fancy finishing schools to built your personality in our opinion, all you need is a ticket to the place you have been longing to go and a booking in a hostel. Believe us , check-yourself in a hostel and witness magic!!!

We did!

Art of Sharing:

Remember when you were kids and your parents put you in one room with your annoying sibling that you also love to death of course, but you still pleaded them for a separate room and were often guaranteed once you get your A+…

…Now add your one sibling with at least five more…that’s your dorm right there!!Welcome to your hostel dorm and don’t forget your sibling was a known devil.

Haha..jokes apart….

In our opinion,no better way to learn the art of sharing but to share your room with other travellers from various cultures.

BTW..some of our best friends are out of a dorm room:)



Art of Caring

Now you have planned an exciting day out in the city while bunking in your hostel and suddenly realise one of your dorm mate is under the weather…it makes you want to help him/her and there you learn your life lesson about Kindness and Care.




Art of Leadership

You have been living in your dorm for about three nights now and you see new hostellers checking in, suddenly you have this urge of explaining them about the dorm, the available beds, facilities,things to do in the city and making them feel at home.You also introduce other dorm mates to these new hostellers.Voila!! just like that…you are killing it like a boss:)What great leadership my friend…


Art of Patience:

Your alarm didn’t work, you are in a hurry and loo is queued.”All you need is just a little patience”….


Art of Mindfullness

You love to spend your sweet time and sing songs in the shower,but you crush this habit only to finish your shower time quickly so that every one in your dorm can use the loo wisely….this enhances your level of mindfullness and believe us everyone in your dorm will appreciate this and give you a standing ovation in their heads…



Art of Compassion 

You got yourself checked-in to a dorm and you have a dorm mate who is sleeping like a baby in his/her sweet sweet world,except that he/she is snoring 🙂 it happens…and there you give yourself a lesson in compassion(also we recommended ear plugs in our last blog:))


Finally,among many others

Art of Self-Discipline 

You are checking-out tomorrow early morning and tonight you plan to pack everything so your roomies can sleep in peace or you plan to get up early so you can have long shower time without stealing someone else’s time, there you have self taught yourself a lesson in discipline.

So,what do you think?Isn’s it the most fun way to learn desirable personality traits.

Also what new quality did you add during your time in hostels?

Feel free to write in the comments section…


Gypsy Child Blog Team


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Hosteller’s Dorm Checklist

Hi Everybody,

Hostel life is fun and exciting.It is a great way to travel and meet so many people from so many parts of the world on cool budget.

When you bunk with others you are sharing your space with others and hence it is important that you travel mindfully:)

As travellers if hostel is your choice of accommodation then we have an easy checklist for you to note.This will help you organise better.

We guarantee, all the items will fit in a pouch.


Make space for them in your Backpacks!!!

Ear Phones:

While some hostels may have superb wi-fi for you to enjoy a video or music, it doesn’t mean that we play our media out loud.Hence ear plugs becomes a very essential accessory to carry.



Ear Plugs:

There is a constant movement in the hostel dorms.Some Travellers may be checking-out early morning when you have your snooze button on or for that matter checking in-late night.Some may be early birds, some night owls, some may bunk in pairs or group.Whatever the case may be if you want your peace and quite,dont forget to pack your ear plugs.


Eye Mask/Blindfolds:

Block out the light,sleep anytime of the day based on your travel schedule peacefully and without getting irritated:)



Very few hostels are rich enough to give you luxury of Toiletries.Please make a list of toiletries you can’t live without and carry them with you.Some crucial ones being Shampoo,Soap,Lotion,Toothpaste,Toothbrush,etc.

Toilet Paper:

Travellers from the west, if you travel in to east you will find jet sprays as a replacement for toilet papers and hence, many hostels don’t worry about stacking them in the toilets.This may be a surprise for you, hence carry a roll of toilet paper if you are used to it.


While some hostels may give in the linen, some on rent and some on sale,It’s always better to have a petit one of your own for hygiene and comfort.



Pad locks:

As hostellers it is good to invest in a small pad lock .Your padlock code won’t be known to the world, no one will have a duplicate key for it.You can be assured of the safety of your belongings in the lockers you choose.


Baggage Tag:

As hostellers most often you will use luggage rooms of the hostels to store your baggage.A baggage tag always is a good idea and helps you recognise your backpack quickly.




Mini Torch/Head Torch:

You got to reach the loo in the night and don’t want to disturb others??keep a mini torch/flashlight with you.This also comes in handy if you don’t have a reading light on your bedside(even better buy a head torch).In case you are checking out early or checking in late, perfect for you to get a tag of gentleman/lady-caring,smart!!!

Water Bottle:

Most hostels have water filters with purifiers, instead of buying bottles of water all the time, let’s invest in a durable bottle and top it up whenever it’s empty.



Hope you had fun reading this and pinning them down for your next hostel travels.

What else should one pack while sharing a dorm?Feel free to list down on our comments section..


Gypsy Child Hostels


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